What happens when someone reports your dog for biting?

When a dog bite is reported to animal control, the health department, or the police department, they can investigate if the dog is dangerous. This incident may even lead to a court ruling on the dog's condition. The dog is likely to be removed from the owner's custody and taken to a shelter if the owner fails to comply with the quarantine process. In addition, the landlord can also face criminal charges if animal control officers discover that he is disobeying quarantine regulations.

When a dog bite is reported, animal control can check if the dog is up to date with its vaccinations. Keep in mind that reporting a dog bite is generally required by law. In addition, if you want help covering medical bills and recovering lost wages, you should report the bite. If your dog is accused of an attack, you may be arrested and detained at a local shelter.

You will generally be entitled to a hearing before your dog is declared dangerous. This hearing can be held before an administrative hearing officer or before a judge. If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, it's important to file a dog bite report with the local animal control agency as soon as possible. Even if the police respond to a dog bite incident, the local animal control agency will hand over the case for further follow-up.

There are several factors that contribute to the assessment of the local animal control officer that indicate the risk of the dog carrying rabies. After these initial steps, research your local animal control agency to find out how to file a dog bite report in your area. Although animal control and the police try not to take this step, when a dog seriously injures someone, they may have no other option. For example, anyone who owns or is responsible for a dog can face criminal charges if the animal injures someone while wandering, but only if the owner or caretaker who knew the dog was prone to “misbehaving” and didn't keep it under control.

In addition, the dog is required to wear a substantially strong leash and be under the control of the adult responsible for the dog when the animal is outside the owner's property. However, dogs that are considered to be at high risk of contracting rabies are required, under laws passed by animal control officers, to be quarantined in a shelter. While the dog is quarantined at the owner's home, the animal control officer may conduct unannounced inspections. This determination is made by the animal control officers who are in control of the reported incident.

These local animal control officers are also required to investigate the dog and interview the victim. For example, animal control officers are the ones who carry out the evaluation required by law that classifies the reported dog as dangerous or cruel. However, a dog can be quarantined at the owner's home if the animal has no history of expressing violent behavior and is up to date with its vaccinations. If the bite is severe, the animal control officer may take the dog to the local shelter to quarantine and observe it.

In California, the law regulates that the animal control officer in charge of the report can decide where the dog is placed during the quarantine process. The party seeking to have their dog declared dangerous, an animal control agency, or an injured party will submit evidence that demonstrates why they believe this designation is appropriate.

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