Should you do pest control before moving in?

Get the help of an exterminator or a professional pest control service to fix any pest problems before moving to a new home. Taking this step before moving day and cleaning it after will also help prevent any chemical residue from entering your home during the moving day. Therefore, before moving to your new home, protect your home from pests by cleaning it thoroughly. You don't want to inherit pests in a moving transition because previous owners weren't cleaning like they should have when they were moving.

So when moving them, remember to store all food in sealed plastic containers, including pet or bird food. Clean floors regularly so they are free of crumbs and spills. Treating pests before you move increases the chances that your new environment will be healthy for you and your family. If a new home is scheduled to be built, this would be the best time to implement our pest control and management program.

The reason for this is that, in many cases of recent construction, mice and rats are discovered that were trapped inside the structure before its completion. With destructive pests such as termites, rodents and beetles, you'll need to find damaged areas in and around the house and close holes where they can enter to start preventing further infestations while you wait for the pest control service. Cleaning your home and garden long before pest control treatment will also prevent the infestation from getting out of control while you wait for your specialist to arrive. You need to prepare for pest control treatment to ensure that your pest control professional can treat all areas affected by the infestation.

Putting pest control in place before moving to a new home can ensure that your pest problem is recognized, identified and managed before it becomes a bigger problem. While seeing a mousetrap in a house you want to buy can be worrying, it's actually a good sign that previous homeowners were aware of any pest-related activities and were actively trying to control them. Preventive cleaning is especially useful to help facilitate indoor pest control in bedrooms and other areas of the house. Mackie and his business partner Sandy Costa were the first pest control professionals in Canada to use thermal detection and remediation dogs to successfully eradicate bed bugs.

Leaks in a small space can be controlled by using a good dehumidifier that will keep the area dry and unattractive to invasive pests. They can perform an inspection, check typical pest ducts, help you seal small openings, care for any infestations, and secure an insect barrier around your home. If a pest control expert treats your new home before you move, you won't be surprised and creepy bugs won't be an obstacle to enjoying your new home. Having a professional pest control inspector check your home before you move ensures if there have been any pest problems and if they are being actively managed.

However, you should be careful and give your home time to be properly ventilated, as advised by your pest control professional. Pest control experts can detect things that inexperienced eyes can't detect, eliminating unwanted pests and protecting your home from future invasions. One more thing you can do once you control or confirm that pests are not present on your property is to ensure that the superhighways that enter your home are not left wide open.

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