Is roundup safe for dogs after drying?

The general consensus is yes; Roundup is safe once it's completely dry. The good news is that Roundup is essentially safe for pets and other animals as soon as it dries. But the exact amount of time to keep animals away from grass treated with RoundUp depends on several factors. The following information will give you more peace of mind the next time you treat your patio or garden to remove annoying weeds.

Roundup (glyphosate) has been stated to be non-toxic to mammals, but the surfactants found in the formulations are irritating and can cause gastrointestinal discomfort if eaten wet. They can also cause skin irritation if the product comes into contact with the skin while it is still moist. Once dry, these surfactants no longer cause irritation, so in most cases, the most important task is to keep pets away until the weeds have completely dried out.

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