Can you spray for bugs if you have pets?

Do not bring pets into the treated area until the product has dried. Sometimes, the technician may ask you to keep pets out of the room for an extended period, but it's generally safe to let your furry friends return once the spray has dried. In fact, most pest control treatments don't affect pets and are considered safe, but some can end up being harmful. In addition, pets, such as cats and dogs, use their noses to explore everything and can easily end up inhaling, absorbing, or ingesting the pesticide.

Although the toxic concentration is quite low, it can have long-term adverse effects. Especially during aerosol treatments, animals can inhale the pesticide or even absorb it through the skin. It's best to keep your 4-legged friends in a pet kennel or carrier. If none are available, close them in an area of your home that is not scheduled for service, such as the garage, basement, or bedroom.

If you can, take your pets to the home of a friend or family member, as this is the safest possible place for them during pest control treatment. If taking pets out isn't an option, plan to keep them in an area that doesn't require treatment, such as a garage or backyard. Even placing them in a kennel or pet carrier can keep your pets safely contained. This powdery, pet-friendly substance is made from fossils called diatoms.

Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth whenever you see signs of unwanted insects, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, or fleas. Insects with exoskeletons become dehydrated upon contact with diatomaceous earth, but do not harm pets. It is sometimes used to prevent internal parasites or is sprinkled on a pet's coat to treat fleas. The idea that exterminators who fumigate for pests in the yard and house are not healthy for pets is an old myth.

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