Can you make tenants pay for pest control?

The landlord is almost always responsible for general pest control on a property. Whether that means ensuring that the property is protected from common local pests or that the property is regularly treated against pests, these things fall within the scope of the owner's responsibilities. In general, the landlord is responsible for pest control. However, if a tenant's behavior leads to an infestation, the tenant may be held responsible for fixing the problem.

Of course, the landlord must prove that the tenant caused the infestation. According to pest control, homeowners are expected to close all entry points for mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs and other pests. Pesticides must be used by a professional licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Before any tenant moves in, ask a pest control specialist to visit your property and point out any potential problem areas.

If you work in one of these states, be sure to perform regular and seasonal preventive pest treatments on your properties. If your landlord has not implemented the pest control methods described in the HSTPA and you have become ill due to exposure to pest waste or other hazards, contact the attorneys at Leav %26 Steinberg LLP to discuss your premises liability claim. Solve the problem using DIY methods or by scheduling an appointment with a pest control service. If you're working with a property manager or are thinking of hiring a property management company, ask them what types of pest control they include and how any pest problems would also be managed.

It is generally the homeowner's or owner's responsibility to hire a pest control service to maintain structures, whether it's a multi-unit building or a single-family home. The most important thing to remember about apartment pest control is to FIX THE PEST PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY and then determine what the financial obligation is. Ask the exterminator or pest control specialist to document the possible sources or causes of the infestation while they work, as this could help you determine who will ultimately pay the bill. My brother has been complaining about an insect problem in his apartment for a few days and thinks his landlord should pay for pest control services.

Living with pests such as cockroaches is considered a health hazard because of the problems that pests can cause, and that means that cockroach problems must be treated right away. Landlords generally include a pest control clause in their rental agreement, and specifying potential pest control issues is a good way to determine liability.

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