Despite significant scientific and medical gains in recent years, implementation of certain technologies remains slow at best.  This gap is particularly evident in the world of graphic design: many designers continue to rely on decades-old techniques that needlessly complicate the document design and printing process, costing time and money.

The Traditional Approach

Historically, designers have purchased or downloaded specific software packages to meet their needs. This method presents a few difficulties. Initially, simply selecting the right program for a given setup can be a challenge in a world that draws sharp boundaries between various operating systems and devices. There’s also the problem of handling the design software itself, which must be purchased upfront, downloaded, installed, periodically updated, and even replaced when it becomes obsolete. But the latest isn’t always the greatest: users running new software can easily be overwhelmed by a bewildering array of options and features—even as they endure the sluggish response time typical of such programs. Under this strategy, the final step of submitting the finished document to a printer can become a hectic flurry of last-minute changes and back-and-forth memos to get everything just right.

A New Direction

Perhaps this explains why designers are increasingly turning to web-based programs throughout the printing and document preparation process. Switching to the cloud not only replaces hefty licensing fees with more affordable pay-as-you-go subscriptions, but also facilitates easy sharing across platforms and devices. An active document can be accessed as needed from a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer on various operating systems—without any downloading. In fact, recent developments in Internet technology mean that multiple users can work together on the same document in real time while chatting about potential revisions. This makes it easier than ever to incorporate eleventh-hour changes.

But all of these improvements of convenience are useful only if the content of cloud-based design software can rival that of the of the best traditional programs. Fortunately, a community-based approach can help even here. Members of such communities enjoy access to a constantly updated database of polished templates that virtually erases the need to ever start from scratch. For example, this Microsoft Publisher alternative with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to get started.

As technological barriers to publication subside, leading more and more individuals and companies to find online solutions, we can expect to see a more integrated workplace and an increase in the overall quality of publications. Online document design software will give people the tools they need not only to express themselves but also to do so in a way that appeals to and connects them with potential readers.


If you haven’t heard, there’s a whole new approach to software in town. Software as a service, or SaaS, is often referred to as operating on “the cloud”. SaaS allows you to use a program as much or as little as you need it without ever needing to download any software to your computer. You can save a lot of time using a program when the only setup required is creating an account and logging in.

One particular area that highlights the significant amount of time you can save using SaaS is diagramming. Diagramming comes up any time you want to visually communicate a complex idea to others when you can’t be there in person to explain. You aren’t always at the same computer when you need to use diagramming software. Being able to create documents from any location will save you time the next time you want to map out a workflow or other concept.

SaaS programs have only become possible recently because of advances in modern browsers and internet connection speeds. Because SaaS programs are built on newer technologies, the general experience can be far superior to a similar program that runs on your desktop. Downloadable programs have to support older code bases and are generally not updated as frequently. In the case of SaaS diagramming programs, you can drag and drop in a much more intuitive manner and have far more sharing options which means faster creation and distribution of your chart or diagram.

You might not even realize it but you are probably creating less diagrams because they can be time consuming to create in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. Almost any report or document is better with a visual aid. Diagrams can save you time by reducing the back and forth on explaining a report.  Ask yourself if a diagram will help make a point clearer. By removing the hurdle to creating diagrams in the first place, you time savings will multiply.

In addition to saving you time, using SaaS programs can mean big savings because unlike traditional software which charges you a large upfront fee, SaaS programs charge a subscription fee over time. Many SaaS programs have a freemium approach where you can use some aspects of the program for free. Compare the standard desktop diagramming solution Microsoft Visio which costs hundreds of dollars per license with SaaS Visio alternatives that cost dollars per user per month.

Diagramming on the cloud will remove your inhibitions about communicating visually, save you money, and help you communicate more effectively.


When managing a small business, every minute counts. More than ever, owners and managers need to be resourceful and creative to gain efficiencies in their business environment. Because of this, technology is beginning to play a more important role and many are turning to the web to help automate a wide variety of mundane business tasks.

Online scheduling is one of those solutions emerging, whether it be booking your hotel room, your spa visit, or car repair; clients everywhere are enjoying the convenience of booking online 24/7 while businesses save tons of time and money in appointment management.

Most scheduling software also provides automated email appointment confirmations and reminders. While the benefits of online scheduling are easy to spot, many often overlook the advantages of automated confirmation/reminder emails.

Time is Money

Calling clients one by one to confirm attendance at an upcoming appointment is time consuming. A massage therapist working as a sole proprietor can easily have 150 appointments per month. That equates to about 5 hours of telephone calls per month, excluding all the dead ends, voicemail messages and call backs. If this massage therapist charges $75 for a one hour massage, that’s $375 that can’t be invoiced. This may not seem like a lot of money but at the end of the year that’s $4,500. That’s quite a lot of money to spend doing administrative tasks…and quite frankly no one really wants to be disturbed during their lunch break to be reminded about an appointment. Luckily, most online scheduling software can range at $150 to $500 per year and provide value well beyond email confirmations and reminders.

Automation Provides Value 

As a small business owner, you may not currently be taking the time to confirm appointments over the phone one-by –one. In which case, automating the process won’t save you time. However, it will provide important value. Small service based businesses often report a high amount of no-shows. These are clients that book a service but do not show up at the scheduled time either because they have forgotten about it, poorly documented the appointment details, or misunderstood the time or date. Most no-shows are not malicious and are simply a case of poor communication. Providing email appointment confirmations are an easy and convenient way to confirm the details of an appointment. This eliminates any misunderstandings and allows the client to have a written trace of the appointment which these can easily access on their smart phone at any time. Some online booking tools like CalendarSpots also have SMS appointment reminders that clients can receive as a text message on their cell phone. More importantly, email and SMS automated reminders provide appointment confirmation in a non-disruptive way. There is no additional time investment on your part but there are decreased no shows and that means less empty slots and more money in your pocket!

Automated appointment confirmations and reminders, whether sent by email or SMS, go a long way in helping service-based businesses maximize resources leaving them with lots more client face time. Not only do such emails save time but provide great value for both the business and the client.


If you’re moving to a new home, they you are probably already counting the hundreds of dollars you are going to have to spend to get everything taken care of. While it is true that moving to a new place can be quite pricey, there are some methods of reducing that cost so that you don’t have to pay more than you need to. Most people might not believe you if you told them you knew that you could save hundreds of dollars on moving, while hiring moving companies to do the work for you, but the reality is that this is the truth! Here are just three of the most popular, and easiest to implement methods of saving money on relocation.

Moving Materials

If you want to save a lot of money on the move that you have to accomplish anyways, taking a good look at what you spend for moving materials might be a really good idea. Let’s start with boxes. Everyone needs boxes when they are moving to a new home, but buying boxes new from a moving store can be really expensive. Instead of making this purchase, it may be a good idea to find used boxes. Sometimes people who have just moved will sell their boxes for a low fee. Other times you might be able to find boxes from local stores that get their inventory in them and are willing to give them away free. Either way, you will not be paying the high cost of boxes that you have to purchase individually.

Moving Methods

Choosing the right moving method can have a lot to do with things as well. When you choose to move on your own, you might find that you are spending more than you might have if you had hired a mover to handle everything for you. Because of this disparity between methods, make sure that you take a moment to research the cost differences between the different moving methods. Keep in mind that when you are moving yourself, you have to include the cost of fuel, food, lodging, and everything else that you would need in a trip across the country with multiple vehicles. Get free moving quotes from movers and compare the two before you make a decision.

Moving Less Stuff

The way that most long distance moving companies figure how much to charge for their services is by finding out how much your stuff weighs. If you were to move less, then you would pay less, which is why you should always try to weed out what you don’t need before moving day arrives. This can help you reduce the overall weight of your move, which can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars. You can even make some money by having a garage sale as well. Be sure that you keep these things in mind as you begin the moving process so that you too can save lots of money on your move.

Saving money on moving is one way to take stress out of the process. For more information on moving from one state to another, visit Missie Morrison’s website here: today!


Between working, taking care of the family, preparing our food, exercising and the other endless tasks we place on our to-do lists each day, there is little time left to relax and do the things we enjoy. For the last month and a half I have been trying out my own life-hacking technique that has helped me save both time and money. Now, when you first hear this you’ll think that I have no idea what I’m talking about because at first glance it doesn’t sound like it will save you time at all, but hear me out please.

You can save time and money by making your means of commute a bicycle. Yes, ride your bike everywhere you go. Obviously if you have a long commute this may not be an option, but let me explain how this helps save time and money.

Can Riding A Bike Help Save Time?

It’s true that riding a bike may take longer to get you places; however, it will force you to be more efficient and a better planner. You’ll have to plan out your trips to cut out unnecessary stops at the grocery store during the week. You’ll need to plan all your errands on one day and in the best order to save you the extra work. I believe that we spend so much time rushing around trying to accomplish so much, but the luxury of a car allows us to be very inefficient with our time. Riding a bike can also save you time because you will be exercising as you commute allowing you to free up that time you normally would have blocked off for the gym. And lastly, you may have more time because the things that you would normally do with a car aren’t really necessary anyways. When you cut out impulse trips and unnecessary driving you’ll free up more time than you ever thought you could.

Save Money By Cycling

Why riding a bike saves money is a little more obvious so here are a few reasons:

  • You save the money you would have used on gas.
  • If you quit using a car altogether, you don’t have to pay for car maintenance or fees like insurance and registration.
  • There are less frequent trips to the store which means less browsing and less impulse buying.
  • You have to carry home your purchases making you decide if your purchase is a need or a want.
  • This may help you lose weight which will lower your grocery bill
  • You can double this as exercise and you can cut out a gym membership fees or exercise equipment costs.

Everyone’s looking for the easiest way to save money and time; this easy lifestyle change can help you save both and will help relieve stress in the process.


Built with productivity in mind Creately is a diagram software that will save you time and money. How will Creately save time and money? Keep reading to find out.

As mentioned Creately is a diagramming tool, which will help you to visualize your ideas and also makes it much easier to explain your ideas to others. Most of you must have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. It merely emphasize the fact that visuals are much easier to understand than a document filled with text. But most people struggle with creating visuals and Creately aims to address that issues.

Drawing a diagram with traditional desktop software is not an easy task. Although word processors now come with basic drawing tools they are not a good way to draw diagrams like flowcharts, org charts, network diagrams etc. which require special symbols. Additionally you have to manually go and add arrows and text boxes to make them understandable.

Creately addresses this issue by providing plenty of easy to use tools to draw diagrams.

  • Contextual libraries – This simply means a separate library for each diagram type. If you want to draw a flowcharts you can load the flowchart library. If you want to draw a network diagrams you can load the network diagram library. No need to browse through hundreds of objects to find the object you need.
  • 1 click create and connect – With traditional desktop software you need to add your desired objects, add another objects and then again use an arrow object or line object to connect them. That is 3 separate steps to add objects and you need more time to connect them properly. With Creately you can create the next object in 1 click and they will be automatically connected as well. Saving you at least 2 steps.
  • Auto adjusting Smart Objects – Lets take the previous example again. After you added the two objects and connected them you need to move one object. Then not only you have to move the object but you have to adjust the line too. With Creately once you move the object the line automatically adjust according to the diagram.
  • Templates – A very powerful feature of Creately that will quicken your diagramming process significantly. There are thousands of templates created by Creately users and staff which you can use with one single click. You never have to start from scratch with Creately.

Mentioned above are how Creately can save you time. But if you’re a person or a business that heavily uses diagrams then Creately can save you lots of money as well. A standard version of Microsoft Visio costs hundreds of dollars, while Creately only costs 5$ per month. If you’re purchasing team plans it becomes even cheaper. But what if you only want to draw one or two diagrams? Then Creately public plan is perfect for you. It’s free and you can draw up to five diagrams. Perfect for users looking for one off diagrams.

With all these cool features there is no reason not to try Creately diagram software. It will surely save you time and money.


Your smart phone is a gadget that can do more or less everything- from watching movies to playing music to texting and calling, but the one thing in which it excels is being a time organizer.

Your phone has this tremendously powerful and versatile Calendar app that syncs and connects to only calendars and will never forget to give you a reminder about birthdays, anniversaries or any other important event.

This multi-functional Calendar app can be available in an iphone, windows phone or Android.

To make your life well-organized at all times, you need to install the best calendar apps available. A good app can replace various other applications.

Mentioned below are some of the most functional and essential apps that you may pick for your phone.

Google Calendar Client

Priced at $6.99, Google Calendar Client, by Readdle can give you the easiest and quickest experience integrating your Google and iOS calendars. It displays the data in a colorful, clean and organized manner.

There may be other apps with more effective features but in terms of design, user friendliness and balancing functionality, this universal app is simply great.

CalPad-organizer for iPad

Packed with powerful features, comprising Google map integration, ability to connect photos and task syncing to Google tasks and ToodleDo, CalPad by Hoang Le costs $9.99 in the market.

CalPad is accessible only for iPad and you can try free calPad Lite before making a purchase. The full version provides more views and better syncing facilities among other things.

GoCal for Google Calendar

GoCal by Light Room has fewer features as compared to other apps above it, but it possesses some good visual designs of all the apps. Priced at $2.99, the calendar can give you quick incorporation with your Google calendars.

However, GoCal calendar charges separately for iPhone and iPhone apps.


Like GoCal, Saisuke by Mobile Saysoft is clean, simple and looks nice. Unfortunately, this calendar also charges separately for its iPad and iPhone apps. This app can be ranked somewhat inferior than GoCal because it was pricier at time of writing as both iPhone and iPad versions were $9.99.

Cloud Calendar

Developed by Clean Cut Code, this app appears to iPad only. Though there is nothing fancy about it but it has a nice appearance and gets the work done. Ideal for users, it integrates well with Google and is not complicated by too many features.


Similar to Pocket informant, Agendus combines your tasks, contacts and calendar into one application. Though not as effective as Pocket Informant but the app has a nice look with great potential.

You will like its functioning with respect to its anticipation and quote of the day on the today page.

Awesome Calendar

Developed by YunaSoft, the calendar is actually awesome with its plethora of attractive stickers. However as compared to other apps, you will not find robust user reviews for this calendar app.

To its credit, awesome calendar offers free version and is reasonably priced than many other apps on this list.

Do you have any of these calendar apps on your phone?

About the Author: Edwin is an avid writer and marketer currently writing on behalf of – A top PLC training distance learning course. Edwin has a passion for ongoing education and saving time using simple life hacks.